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12 Fastest cars in GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition

    GTA San Andreas have some of faster cars of the franchise, although the game may not look all that impressive as it is an older title. For its time, the game achieved a magnificent achievement, and took a huge step forward for the groundbreaking franchise.

    The game also featured a dramatic increase in the total number of vehicles, which led to more high-speed cars. This, unsurprisingly, was great news for fast-driving fans.

    Nearly two decades later, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition brought the game to a new generation of players, which allowed many people to experience this classic title with a new guise and some major quality of life updates. A lot may have changed in the last 17 years, but tracking the faster cars in GTA San Andreas will no doubt remain a priority for many modern gamers, just as it was for the previous generation.

    With that in mind, we gathered the faster cars in GTA San Andreas in a single list, so you already know which vehicles you need to find in the game. Let’s start?

    GTA San Andreas – The 12 fastest cars

    Screenshot of the game – Playback: GTA San Andreas: Definitive Edition

    As mentioned, we will cite the faster cars in GTA San Andreas in this list. Are they:

    • Blist Compact;
    • Feltzer;
    • ZR-350;
    • banshee;
    • Premier;
    • Buffalo;
    • Hotring Racer;
    • Bullet;
    • Super GT;
    • Cheetah;
    • Tourism;
    • hell.

    Compact Blist

    The Blista Compact made its first appearance in GTA: Vice City, where it is also one of the fastest cars in the game. Its design appears to have been based on the iconic Honda CR-X and hasn’t changed much in the two decades since its GTA debut. It promotes a rather fast ride, although it is far from being one of the faster cars in GTA San Andreas.

    Where to find?

    Blista Compacts are most common in San Fierro, and you can usually find one inside the high-end car showroom on the region’s east coast. There’s also a Blista Compact on the runway near the perimeter fence at Easter Bay Airport, though stealing it could set off the alarm from local authorities.


    For many, Feltzer is a staple of modern Grand Theft Auto games. When San Andreas was released for the PS2, though, it was actually a new car for the series. Based on the convertible shape of an ’80s Mercedes-Benz SL, it’s one of the most distinctive cars in the game and can be a lot of fun to drive thanks to its high top speed and smooth controls.

    Where to find it?

    You can sometimes find Feltzer in the underground parking lot of the Vank Hoff Hotel in San Fierro. For a guaranteed fixed spawn, however, you’ll need to exit to a random motel parking lot in the southeastern part of Flint County, not far from the Back o’ Beyond area.


    The ZR-350 is just one of many new vehicles that made their debut in San Andreas. Unlike some others, though, it didn’t appear very often in the following years, despite being one of the most popular and fastest cars in the game. Its design most closely resembles the FD3S Mazda RX-7, although it also shares some of its features with several other cars.

    Where to find?

    Finding a ZR-350 is a relatively simple task as they appear in each of the main areas of the game. In particular, you should keep an eye out for them in river districts and more commercial districts, where they are much more likely to spawn. You will also drive a modified ZR-350 during the story mission “Farewell, My Love…”, and you will be able to keep the vehicle after completing the mission.


    With Vice City opting for a Corvette C4-inspired Banshee, San Andreas sees the car returning to its roots. Just like in GTA 3, it is once again reminiscent of iconic cars like the Dodge Viper RT 10 and the Pontiac Firebird. One thing that doesn’t change, however, is the car’s fast speed, with the Banshee among the fastest cars available for the third GTA game, back-to-back.

    Where to find?

    Banshee is a fan favorite among longtime GTA players due to three highly desirable qualities: it’s fast, it looks good, and it’s relatively easy to find. You can see it in the Rodeo, Market and Richman areas of Los Santos, or popping up on the streets of Las Venturas.


    With its distinctive square design, the Premier looks a lot like a 1993-1994 Chevrolet Caprice. Given the time period in which the game is set, that would make it one of the trendiest vehicles on the streets of Los Santos, which perhaps explains why there are so many of them roaming around.

    Where to find it?

    Premier also serves as a base model for all taxis and police vehicles in San Andreas. As a result, you won’t have a problem finding one, especially if you’re in San Fierro. It’s not really a car to look out for, but when in trouble it’s a more than capable car when it comes to speed.


    The Buffalo is another vehicle that made its first appearance in San Andreas. The ultra-fast muscle car’s design borrows elements from a number of real-world vehicles, although it more closely resembles that of a third-generation Chevrolet Camero. Like the Camero, the Buffalo has an impressive top speed and is very fast off the blocks.

    Where to find it?

    Despite being available for a very reasonable price of $28,000 at the import/export dock in San Fierro, once exported the Buffalo is considered a high-quality car. As such, you’ll need to visit wealthy areas to find one out there, such as the Rodeo, Richman, and Market regions of Los Santos.

    Hotring racer

    Having made his debut in the previous GTA title, Hotring Racer returns for a second match in Los Santos. There are, again, three different versions of the car, which are again based on the Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Cavalier, and Chevrolet Monte Carlo, respectively. While the designs remain largely the same in both games, the car sponsors are different this time around.

    Where to find it?

    The only legitimate way to find a Hotring Racer in San Andreas is to head to the parking lot outside the Los Santos Forum in the southeastern area of ​​town. However, it won’t appear until you complete the 8-Track event, which means you’ll need to wait at least until the game’s second act before you can get your hands on one. Alternatively, as is also the case with Vice City, you can also simply use cheats to secure one of these.


    The Bullet doesn’t have the same history as some of the other fast vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto series, but it definitely has the power to go along with it. Its design is remarkably similar to the 2005-2006 Ford GT, which, given the game’s 1992 setting, is seen by some as one of the rare errors related to the franchise’s era. It could be argued that the Bullet is inspired by the GT40, although it’s definitely much more memorable when it comes to the later model.

    Where to find it?

    You can unlock the car by earning silver medals in all driving tests at the Driving School in San Fierro. Alternatively, the vehicle can be found cruising on The Strip in Las Venturas, or imported from the pier at Easter Basin after completing the third export listing.

    Super GT

    The Super GT is yet another vehicle that debuted in San Andreas and can be found in hard and targa top variants. Its design draws heavily on a number of different vehicles, including the 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT, the Nissan 300 ZX Z32, and the 1993 Toyota Supra.

    Where to find it?

    Those looking to track down a Super GT will have to be patient. Their spawns are quite rare compared to some of the other fast cars in San Andreas, although with a little luck you won’t have to wait long to find one. The Strip in Las Venturas is the best place to look, with the car much more likely to show up at night.


    Having won the silver medal in the previous two GTA games, the Cheetah drops a little lower in the hierarchy in San Andreas. Like its namesake though, it’s still blazingly fast and definitely worth picking up if anyone is passing it by. The Cheetah’s San Andreas design is once again inspired by the Ferrari Testarossa, although this time it’s the F512 TR model that lends its likeness to the car.

    Where to find it?

    Those looking to get their hands on a Cheetah have a few different options available. They appear most commonly in the Rodeo, Market, Paradiso, and Old Venturas areas and so these are by far the best places to look. You can also import a Cheetah at the import/export dock in San Fierro, although it costs $84,000 to do so.


    Modeled after the iconic Ferrari F40, the Turismo comes pretty close to being San Andreas’ fastest car. Its sleek, aerodynamic design helps it reach top speeds in excess of 200 km/h, which in turn allows it to leave virtually every other car in the game behind in its dust.

    Where to find it?

    There are a few different places where you can find a Tour, but perhaps the easiest is the Old Venturas Strip in Las Venturas. The car usually shows up on the track at night, so this is definitely the best time to look for one. They can also be imported from the docks in Easter Basin, though only on Monday and only when you complete the second export list.


    For the third game in a row, the Infernus is the fastest car and can once again reach top speeds of nearly 250 km/h in San Andreas. This time, however, its design more closely resembles those of the first-generation Honda NSX and the original Lamborghini Diablo prototype.

    Where to find it?

    San Andreas is probably the easiest game to find an Infernus with, with the supercar appearing on the streets of various regions such as Downtown Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. After exporting one from the docks in Easter Basin, you can also import an Infernus for the sum of $76,000.

    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was released on November 11, 2021, for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.