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All Elden Ring endings explained

    Elden Ring, like many other From Software games, features multiple endings for players to discover. Each ending revolves around helping a specific NPC, and has you putting the Midlands in very different situations. In today’s video I will explain each of the 6 possible endings of the game.

    If you prefer to read, the text is available below:

    Continue the Elden Ring cycle with the Age of Fracture

    The default ending of Elden Ring it’s the one age of fracture. Defeat the game’s mandatory bosses, head to the Tree and defeat the enemies waiting inside. There are no side quests that require completion and no NPCs that need to be helped. While this is the default ending, many fans find it disappointing. Much like the standard franchise endings dark soulsthis outcome sees the Midlands stay pretty much the same, continuing the same cycle of problems that already existed when you started the game.

    Make the Elden Ring better with the Age of Order

    the end of Age of Order requires the player to help Brother Corhyn and follow his questline to the end. Helping Corhyn means you must also interact with the mysterious and wise Goldmask. By doing so, you will obtain the Rune of Perfect Order. In the final moments of the game, when players face the Elden Ring, may choose to use the Rune of Perfect Order in an attempt to improve the Midlands, forever changing the Tree. This ending is considered “good” as it at least tries to fix some of the problems rather than just passing the torch.

    Curse the world of Elden Ring with the Age of Despair

    Players who help the corrupt Manure Eater are rewarded at the end of the Age of Despair, which is considered a “bad” final outcome. The Manure Eater questline requires players to obtain five Curses of the Seed, which is described as “One of the most disgusting things found in the Midlands”. After delivering the five Curses to the NPC, you will be rewarded with the Defeated Curse Repair Rune, which is used to usher in the Age of Despair. In this Age, the inhabitants live in a time of darkness, with all underground residents and unborn children being cursed and becoming renegades.

    Welcome to Death with Age of Twilight in Elden Ring

    Players have the option to help their deathbed companion, Fia, with her questline. If they do, they will receive the Prince of Death Rune. In the final moments of the game, those who use this Rune are rewarded with the age of twilight. Death, or its absence, plays an important role in the tradition of Elden Ring. And someone intimately familiar with death throughout the game is Fia, who has the goal of bringing someone back from the dead. The players who open the age of twilight will find themselves intimately acquainted with Death in no time. In this Age, immortality and the undead disappear.

    Frenzy Flame Lord

    Considered an evil outcome – possibly the worst of all – players working for the Three Fingers will get the ending of the game. Frenzy Flame Lord. While this questline isn’t as long as the others in the game, it does require extensive exploration in some of the more difficult areas. If the player chooses to help the Three Fingers, they will be stuck with that ending, no matter how many other NPCs help. In the final moments, when inside the Tree, the player will become the Frenzy Flame Lord and will bring the Age of Chaos to the Midlands. In this ending, Melina will be alive and without the mark that sealed her left eye. In return, she will go after the new lord seeking revenge.

    Age of stars

    Considered by the community Elden Ring as the best among the good decision endings, the age of stars is unlocked after players have helped Ranni and finished her questline. In the final moments you will see a very different scene. The moon moved by the witch hides the sun and bathes the world in its soft light. Souls formerly imprisoned by the world tree are freed and guided by its rays.

    the end of age of stars is the hardest to unlock because Ranni’s quest is the longest in the game. The questline takes players through two hidden cities, intersects with several other quests from NPCs, and features some of the toughest boss battles. Players consider the age of stars like the canonical ending as it answers most questions and solves most problems of all endings.