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Best Planes for beginners in Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Microsoft Flight Simulator has a wide variety of planes, and if you’re just starting to play, knowing which are the best planes for beginners will make your life in the game a lot easier. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this post where we will point out the 10 best planes for beginners in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

    Best planes for beginners in Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Airbus A320neo

    The Airbus A320neo is one of three commercial aircraft (assuming players have the premium edition) featured in the game. It is the smallest of the three and was built for shorter passenger journeys. This makes it the most affordable of the planes for gamers who feel ready to take control of a big, heavy plane.

    The A320neo is probably the best option for a player who wants to move to a bigger vehicle or who wants to start learning how to fly the big planes. Remember, as a general rule of thumb, that commercial aircraft are more difficult to handle than smaller game aircraft. They don’t have the agility of smaller planes, but they make up for it in speed and weight. The A320neo is the most complete aircraft, especially when compared to Boeing buses in the same category.

    Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner (Premium)

    In many ways, the Boeing 787’s reputation precedes it. Players with the premium edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator will have access to the 787-10 Dreamliner. The Dreamliner is one of the biggest planes in the game and was built for long-distance travel over the oceans.

    It is designed with lightweight materials to aid speed, lift and drag. The model also conserves fuel more efficiently than the A320neo or other featured Boeing aircraft. Although difficult to handle for true beginners, Dreamliner is a good starting point for players who are just learning to handle passenger planes and who want to take their trips even further.

    Cessna Citation CJ4

    Like the commercial aircraft category, the jet category is generally not the first stop for newcomers. New players looking to learn about commercial planes can start with the jets first, namely the Cessna Citation CJ4. The CJ4 is a luxury jet built for a small number of passengers. It’s made to fly smoothly and fast, despite being much larger than many of the other planes featured.

    The CJ4 also comes with good air brakes and an optimized landing gear to be smooth. While still harder to learn than the smaller ones or twos in the game, the CJ4 is a good choice for new players looking to get on big planes.

    Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX

    The Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan is a good entry into the turboprop category. The 208 B offers gamers a single-engine design. There is more than enough power to take off easily, but it won’t be like moving a colossus like planes or jets. The plane is simple to learn and can be a great starting point for new players learning to take off and land.

    Robin Cap 10

    Looking for a nimble plane with “acrobatic pilot” written on it? This is the right plane for you. This small two-seater propeller plane is straight out of an American air show and gives players a unique feel compared to other planes in the game. It’s fast and light, requiring small adjustments for big maneuvers. This is something of a double-edged sword, as players can easily plummet from the sky with the plane’s sensitive controls.

    New players who want a small, fast plane should definitely consider purchasing the Robin Cap 10. It’s designed for impressive aerial tricks and moves, so feel free to experiment and don’t be afraid to push it to the limit. After all, the best way to learn is from mistakes and luckily there are no real lives or planes in play with the simulator!

    Zlin Aviation Savage Club

    Landing can be one of the most intimidating parts of learning. While learning to land on runways is crucial, Microsoft Flight Simulator offers players plenty of easy planes to choose from. These planes can land almost anywhere and are perfect for safaris in remote areas.

    The Zlin Aviation Savage Club has a lightweight design built for easy takeoff and landing. It’s small and mobile, allowing it to land in tight spots in case things in the air start to head south. Players shouldn’t even feel bad about landing on a field; as the in-game description of the plane says, “Clues are just an option…”

    ICON A5

    The ICON A5 has a unique look. Resembling an RC plane with a futuristic design, the ICON A5 is one of the best planes for beginners in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It can’t travel much due to its small fuel tank and limited speed, but it’s one of the best planes for learning to take off and land.

    Ultra Shock (Premium)

    Shock Ultra has large tires and a compact design, features that make it perfect for landing anywhere. Players flying in extreme environments need not worry – the Shock Ultra can be customized with skis or floats in place of tires, allowing for a safe landing on snow or water. It should be noted that landing on snow or water requires an entirely different skill set, so be careful!

    Unfortunately, Shock Ultra is only available to players who have paid for the premium version of the game. If owned, however, the Shock Ultra is a perfect starter plane.

    Pipstrel Virus SW121 (Premium)

    When it comes to training vehicles, players can’t pick any plane better than the Pipstrel Virus SW121. The game’s descriptor even calls the plane a training plan. It’s loaded with security features and is built to be easy to understand and learn. This plane is perfect for learning the moves needed for almost every part of a flight. Take off, air flight and landing are easier to learn with SW121.

    Cessna 152 Aerobat

    The best all-around learning plane is without a doubt the Cessna 152 Aerobat. Available to all gamers, this highly customizable plane offers a compact, fast and durable package that can withstand errors in the air.

    Players won’t cross oceans in this little propeller plane, but new players will learn to play with it easily. This is the perfect plane for touring or just learning good moves in the air.

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