Chainsaw Man creator announces new one-shot

He doesn’t stop! Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has announced that he is working on a new one-shot in partnership with all otto.

As per the announcement, the new one-shot of the creator of Chainsaw Man it will be called Listen to Futu (Listen to Futu in free translation), and it seems that she will have no connection with the projects that Fujimoto already worked.

There are no details of the plot yet, it is only known that the work will be released on the 4th of July in the Shonen Jump +.

In addition to being known for the acclaimed Man with Chainsaw Head and Arms series, Tatsuki Fujimoto is rightfully known for his one-shots. With them, the author is increasingly becoming one of the biggest names in the manga in Japan today.

Chainsaw Man accompanies Denji, a poor young man who will do anything for money. He works as a demon hunter to pay off his late father’s debt to the Yakuza, always accompanied by his demon dog Pochita. After being betrayed, and practically killed, Denji merges with Pochita and is reborn as a half-demon.