Engineer Creates World’s Largest Xbox Series X, And It’s Functional

The engineer Michael Pick revealed on its official channel of YouTube who managed to create the world’s largest, fully functional Xbox Series X. According to the specifications, they are more than 2 meters high, made of wood, and 1 meter wide.

Pick points out that this model is approximately 600% larger compared to the Microsoft original. The total weight? 113.4 kg.

As with other projects, there’s a real Xbox Series X inside the giant version’s housing, positioned in an easily accessible compartment for easy maintenance.


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Himself Aaron GreenbergXbox marketing manager, was impressed, and said:

“Amazing video covering how they made the biggest Xbox Series X in the world. I love that they donated to a good cause. I’d like to thank/tag the creator, Michael Pick, but I don’t see him on Twitter. So I’ll put zhc_yt, who collaborated on the project.”

Xbox Series X officially hit stores in November 2020, alongside the economy version, dubbed by the company as Xbox Series S.