Final Fantasy XVI won’t have an open world, confirms producer

Final Fantasy XVI Producer, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that there will be no open world in the game, an element that has become popular in major titles in the industry.

Instead, the team opted for independent areas, allowing for exploration.

“We have a game design based on independent areas, which can give the player a better sense of a truly global scale.”

told the gematsu (via Eurogamer).

Another important detail is that there are no plans for expansions or any type of additional content for the story. The idea of Square Enix is to launch it as a complete experience.

At this point, the focus is on refining the difficulty level.

As far as storytelling is concerned, we’ll follow Clive’s journey, starting in his teens, and past his 30s. In other words, it’s a very long saga.

The release window is confirmed for the summer of next year, between May and August, being a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive.

For now, there is no set date.

Yoshida had already confirmed for some time that development had entered the final stretch, even in the face of delays due to the health crisis around the world, where the team had to work remotely.