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How to get Katana Nagakiba in Elden Ring

The Katana Nagakiba is one of the strongest swords in the early game in Elden Ring, and the good news is that you can get it very early on, so

How to get the Hound’s Tusk in Elden Ring

The Hound’s Fang is an extremely powerful curved greatsword in the Elden Ring and with incredible war ash, so here’s how to get it and everything you need to know

All Elden Ring endings explained

Elden Ring, like many other From Software games, features multiple endings for players to discover. Each ending revolves around helping a specific NPC, and has you putting the Midlands in

How to get all 4 endings in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a great game and it has a total of 4 endings, and today we are going to show you all of them here, with a step-by-step to

Location of all holy tears in Elden Ring

Holy tears are used to improve the healing efficiency of your crimson flask in Elden Ring, so check below for the location of all of them. Without further ado, check

The best early game rune farm in Elden Ring

The runes in Elden Ring are used to level up your character, buy items, improve weapons and do many things, so it’s an extremely necessary material, and it’s not that

How to easily defeat Godrick in Elden Ring

Godrick is one of the first demigods you’ll face on your journey through the Elden Ring, and he can be quite difficult to defeat. So here’s a guide with the

How to reset character attributes in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring it’s possible to reset and redistribute your character’s attribute points, but you can’t do that right at the beginning of the game, because it’s necessary that you

All Limgrave map fragments in Elden Ring

Limgrave is the starting area of ​​Elden Ring, and you need the map fragments to fully see the points of interest in your navigation. So check out all the Limgrave

Where to find Patches in Elden Ring

Patches is a recurring character in From Software’s games, and in Elden Ring it couldn’t be different, as he is an interesting NPC that will make you angry, check below

How to easily defeat Margit in Elden Ring

Margit is one of the first big bosses the player will face in Elden Ring, so check here for a complete guide on how to defeat him. Elden Ring –

How to find the Forge Stone mines in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you need Forge Stones to upgrade your weapons, and their Mines are often the best place to find them in large quantities. In today’s post, we give

How to find maps easily in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you must find the maps for each region so that its automap is properly completed. In today’s post, we teach you a trick to make your life