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How to Use Wishbone In Valheim

After defeating the Bone Marrow boss in Valheim, you will obtain a wishbone, an item that can be quite strange for many players. That’s because the game doesn’t make it

How to Get Blood Bag in Valheim

In Valheim, the Blood Bag is a very important resource. After all, you will need them to make the healing potion in the game. So, we at CodioDesk have decided

How to customize your shield in Valheim

In Valheim, you can customize your shield in the game so that it looks as you want. It turns out that, since Valheim is a very new game and has

How to get a Lox Cover in Valheim

In Valheim, the Lox Cape is a garment that can be very useful because it is great and keeps your character’s temperature so that he doesn’t freeze. It turns out

How to Get Wood Core in the Valheim

In this guide, we will teach you to step by step how to get wood core in Valheim and everything you need to know about the game. Valheim is a

How to use Cheats and Console commands In Valheim

In the Valheim game, players can use cheats codes and console commands to make the game different than the Original. This makes the player’s experience easier, more difficult,  in some