Harbinger | Valiant adaptation undergoes change in direction

‎According to Deadline’s exclusive report, the Paramount Pictures is negotiating with Paul DownsColazzo (Brittany’s Marathon) to direct and rewrite Harbinger, a feature film that serves as an adaptation of the valuable.

Wes Ball (Maze Runner: Run or Die), until then confirmed in the role, had to leave it due to his commitment to Planet of the Apes in 20th Century Studios.

‎For now, we only know that the plot follows a group of teenagers with superpowers who go against the corporation that tried to exploit their abilities.‎

Originally, the idea was that Harbinger was within the Bloodshot universe, starring Vin Diesel, but we don’t know if that remains.

The film began its development almost five years ago, still in Sony PicturesWhere Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner) and Noah Centineo (A Perfect Date) were quoted to the cast.

Harbinger is the title of the series created by Jim Shooterformer editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and David Lapham in 1992. The series ran for 41 issues, published over twelve years. In 2014, it received three Harvey Awards nominations.

Following the mold of teams like the X-Men, the plot follows Pete Stancheck, aka Sting, and a group of teenagers marginalized by society who have superpowers. They live under the tutelage of the powerful Toyo Harada, a being gifted with paranormal powers who welcomes people with the same characteristics into the Harbinger Foundation.