Harley Quinn | Season 3 has premiere month confirmed

The wait is over! There are just a few days left for the premiere of the 3rd season of Harley Quinn, as announced by HBO Max itself.

The streaming service has revealed its premieres of July in the USA, and in the catalog is the 3rd season of Harley Quinn. Still no date is true, but there is only one week left to enter the month of release of the new season of the series.


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Developed by Patrick Schumacker, Justin Halpern and Dean LoreyHarley Quinn: The Animated Series brings Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) as Harley Quinn and Lake Bell (Hours of Despair) as Poison Ivy.

The series follows Harley Quinn’s misadventures after breaking up with the Joker when she realized he didn’t love her. The first season focuses on Harley Quinn’s attempts to prove herself as a competent villain to join the Legion of Doom, starting with forming her own team consisting of Poison Ivy, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, Shark- Rei and Sy Borgman.

When she finally achieves that goal, however, Harley Quinn inadvertently distances herself from her newfound friends and continues to face the Joker’s problems, who can’t bear the idea of ​​her being a successful supervillain without him.