Harry Potter Star Recalls That He Almost Got Huge Book Spoilers

The star of the Harry Potter franchise, Tom Feltonrevealed in a recent interview that he almost received a spoiler about one of the most important events in his character’s trajectory.

Felton played the enemy of Harry, Draco Malfoy, over the course of the eight-film series. However, at one point during the franchise’s production, the books of Harry Potter were still being written by JK Rowling before the film’s scripts were officially completed and delivered. Many of the stars of Harry Potterincluding Feltonwere also fans of the books.

However, while reading calmly and enjoying every moment of the books, Felton account that he almost got a huge spoiler from his friends, who read faster.

“I remember when Half-Blood Prince came out, I was reading it slowly, taking my time and the phone was constantly ringing, with my friends trying to say to me, “Do you have any idea what happens to Dumbledore?!” [E eu disse] “No, please don’t tell me that!” So I waited as long as I could and obviously waited for the scripts to come out, because obviously there was a lot of the books that couldn’t be ported to the movies. I was thrilled to learn that we were able to split the last book into two movies – it kind of gave us more time to enjoy each character’s final arc.”

Dumbledore’s death is arguably the biggest turning point in the entire series. Harry Potterand Felton certainly had a lot of work to try to avoid the spoiler. What’s more, as a Potter fan, the actor probably felt a certain apprehension at knowing that it was his own character, Malfoywhich was originally supposed to kill the director of Hogwarts.

The character’s treacherous intention in The Half-Blood Prince it further strengthened the public’s disdain for Malfoy, creating a divide between those who loathed the character and those who felt he was a victim of circumstance.


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‘Harry Potter’ grossed $7.7 billion is one of the most popular and successful franchises in movie history. Currently, it can be seen in its entirety thanks to the HBO Max.