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How long does it take to finish GTA V

    You can take a good time to finish GTA V. Even though it’s 2021, the Rockstar Games title, released in 2013, is the second best-selling game of all time, with 150 million copies sold. Most of these sales were even boosted with the game’s online mode, which continues to receive updates to this day.

    Like GTA: San Andreas, GTA V is set in a fictional US state, although only the city of Los Santos has received focus. It’s very easy to explore the city’s open world, and there are plenty of things to do. But if you are wondering how long it takes to finish GTA V, rest assured – you get all your answers in this guide.

    How long does it take to finish GTA V?

    Unlike previous titles, GTA V has not only one but three playable characters: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. During the game, you can switch between the protagonists and carry out specific missions with each one of them. In addition, they have unique abilities that can be used to take advantage of gameplay sequences as well as individual story arcs that intersect to form the larger narrative.

    Therefore, according to the HowLongToBeat, the time to finish GTA V it is 31 and a half hours on average.

    How long does it take to get 100% GTA V?

    A lot of the story of GTA V is player choice-driven, which means players will need to make multiple plays to see all the possibilities and endings available. The game also offers random encounters, that is, hidden missions in which the player can stumble while wandering freely around the city and its surroundings. Furthermore, the title is full of various side activities that players can participate in.

    With these characteristics in mind, it’s good to set aside around 79 hours if you want to absorb all that Los Santos has to offer. This time, however, does not take into account GTA Online, as the mode continues to evolve with more missions and content being added via free updates.

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