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How to buy and activate a Fortnite Slot

    One of the week 9 missions in Fortnite season 6 asks players to buy and use a Slit. It turns out that some players don’t know how to do this. So, we at CodioDesk have decided to make this guide that will teach you how to buy and activate a slot in Fortnite!

    How to buy and activate a Fortnite Slot

    Slots can be purchased with some NPCs that are on the Fortnite map, and they are automatically activated as soon as they are purchased. Now, not all NPCs in the game can offer a Slot to the player. So, here we are going to point out some NPCs who can offer you a Rift.

    • Bunker Jonesy – Near the Lighthouse.
    • Jonesy Castaway – On a small island above Chimneys Chimneys.
    • Reborn Raven – In a house to the northwest of Litoral Limpido.
    • Willow – Anywhere in Bosque Choroso.
    • Raz – In the biggest construction of Colossal Colheita.
    • Cabbie – In the parking lot on the south side of Lago da Preguiça.

    All you need to do now is to reach one of these NPCs, interact with it and purchase a Rift. Then, you will fall from the sky again (you can even open the parachute if you want) and that’s it!

    Now, know that to get a Slot in Fortnite you must have at least 245 Gold Bars. And only then will you be able to buy a slot with some NPC!