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How to create, publish and edit a map in Roblox

    Roblox is a game where people can create maps alone, or with others. These maps can have anything in them that the creators want, which can range from things like anime shows and video games to animating scenes from movies.

    With so many options, surely someone wants to have their own scenario to call their own and have fun alone or with friends. To help you with this task, Haanga did a step-by-step on how to have your creations the way you want!

    How to create, publish and edit a map in Roblox

    Step 1: go to the Roblox website, log in and click the “Create” tab in the upper left corner.

    Step 2: on the page, click the “Start Creating” option.

    Step 3: the website will open the “Open Roblox” and “Download Studio” options. If you don’t have Roblox Studio downloaded, click the option in the center of the screen under “Download Studio”. If you already have it, in the one above in “Open Roblox”.

    Step 4: in the open Roblox Studio, there are several possibilities. The “Baseplate” and “Classic Baseplate” options are recommended for anyone who wants to create a map from scratch. The other variations have ready-made scenarios that can be customized by players. Choose the one you prefer.

    Step 5: within the selected map, use the W, A, S, D keys and the mouse to move around. By holding the right button, it is possible to change the direction of movement. To move away or closer, use the wheel.

    Step 6: the “Editor” and “Toolbox” options will be the main ones for your creation. Use them to generate terrains, walls, locations, characters and more, as you wish and creativity.

    Step 7: after creating everything you want, place the mouse over the lying triangle in the upper right corner. In the options, select “Run” to see the map working or “Play/Play here” to test it now with your character. Important: don’t forget to put the item “Spawn” (gray plate with a black sun type at the base), as it determines where the player will spawn on the map.

    Step 8: After all tests and modifications are done, click on the “File” tab in the upper left corner of Studio. With the options open, click “Save to file”.

    Step 9: do that, click again on “File” and the option “Publish to Roblox”. Name, describe and select the platforms for your map. After all, click “Create”.

    Step 10: Open the Roblox website again and go to the “Create” option. In the tab, click on “Manage my experiences”.

    Step 11: with the menu open, click on the “Private” option below your map and change it to “Public”.

    Step 12: Click on your profile menu in the upper left corner to be directed to your maps. Select the desired one and then click the green play, which will open Roblox.

    Step 13: Do that, it will open the game on your map and that’s it! Have a good time!

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    Source: Roblox Help

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