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How to find the airport in GTA 5

    Find the airport in GTA 5 may not be so simple, after all, the open and immersive world of Los Santos has several secret locations and different activities for players with a more “adventurous” and “explorer” profile. It is therefore understandable that the location of the GTA 5 airport may not be so obvious.

    From Vinewood Hills to Raton Canyon, there are many breathtaking locations in the game, and they also play a big part in what makes GTA 5 such a timeless and magical experience. However, unlike other areas of the map, Los Santos International Airport can be considered one of the most interesting locations, as it comes loaded with some of the best and fastest vehicles in the game.

    Very few places in Los Santos allow players to take an airship for free and then use it to take off into the blue skies and get a better view of the sights. Fortunately, Los Santos International Airport is here to fill those anxious aerial cravings.

    How to find the airport in GTA 5?

    One of the best areas in the game, Los Santos International Airport is located west of the port and south of La Puerta. Around the area, the district also has department stores, bustling restaurants, and hotels.

    What’s inside the airport?

    Home to many vehicles, the site comprises four main terminals, two in the south and two in the west, and three lanes. Two access roads pass through all major terminals, with arrivals at the bottom and departures at the top.

    There are some inaccessible planes parked around the runway, which mix some elements of the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 NG. That said, here’s a fun fact: GTA 5 is the first game in the Grand Theft Auto universe that allows the player to fully control large commercial jets – vehicles available in abundance at LS Airport.

    How to enter the airport?

    Fortunately, getting into the airport in GTA 5 is quite simple. There are three entrance gates to the airport runway close to the roads – two on the main access roads and one behind the Los Santos Customs branch.

    In addition, you can also arrive by parachute through the external parking lot, which allows for a more cinematic entrance. There is also a hidden entrance, a ramp, near the main entrance gates.

    It is worth remembering that entering is not the problem, but stealing one of the planes from the place. For that, there’s our “good luck”.