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How to Get a Creeper Head in Minecraft


    In Minecraft, you can use a Creeper head as an ornament to put it on your head. It turns out that the process to obtain this item is a real mystery to many players. So we at Critical Hits decided to make this guide where we’ll teach you how to get a Creeper head in Minecraft!

    How to Get a Creeper Head in Minecraft

    To get a Creeper head, a charged Creeper will need to blow up a regular Creeper. Although it sounds simple, it can be quite difficult. As we all know, Creepers explode when you’re around. With the proper armor, the blast will not kill you, however, Charged Creepers have bigger blasts, making them more dangerous. Therefore, we suggest that you are wearing very strong armor.

    Making a Loaded Creeper

    To make a Charged Creeper, you’ll need to cast a Trident enchanted with Channeling on a regular Creeper during a storm. Channeling is an enchantment that summons lightning when it hits a mob.

    Minecraft Head Creeper

    With your trident enchanted, you’ll need to wait until a storm hits the game. This is an unusual weather condition and there is no way to force a storm, just wait patiently. As soon as it starts to thunder, the sky will turn dark and mobs will start to appear.

    At this point, all you have to do is find a Creeper, back off and hit it with your trident. If you have Loyalty on your trident, it will come back so you don’t have to go get it.

    Finding the second Creeper

    Now that you have a Charged Creeper, it’s time to find a second Creeper. There’s no easy way to move a Creeper around, so you’ll essentially need to move them towards each other. To attract a Creeper, you’ll need to be within range for it to follow you, but far enough away that it doesn’t explode.

    Minecraft Head Creeper

    Once you’ve found the second Creeper, keep a reasonable distance, but make sure it’s following you. Guide the regular Creeper to the Charged Creeper and then run away. the regular Creeper can move, but it won’t go very far. You can also build a small fenced area if you’re worried about the Creeper straying too far from the Charged Creeper.

    With the Creepers together, you’ll need to run to the Charged Creeper and interact with it while holding a lighter. This will “light up” the Creeper, causing a delayed explosion.

    Minecraft Head Creeper

    After lighting the Charged Creeper, run! His explosion is huge, so you’ll need to run for a safe distance. The Charged Creeper will explode, killing the normal Creeper and causing its head to drop. In the image above, you can see the huge hole left by the Charged Creeper, along with the Creeper’s head.

    This method will work for skeletons and zombies too. For example, if you use a Charged Creeper to kill a skeleton, you will get a skeleton head.