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How to get all 4 endings in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is a great game and it has a total of 4 endings, and today we are going to show you all of them here, with a step-by-step to reach them. In case you want to see all the endings in a single playthrough, it is possible with the save back up before the final boss.

    Elden Ring – How to get all 4 endings

    Without further ado, check out all the endings below:

    Elden Ring Ending 1 – Lord Pristino

    Elden Ring - How to get all 4 endings

    The normal ending of the game. Unless you’ve made the final step towards the end of Lord of the Frenzed Flame, you’ll unlock it by interacting with the stone statue at the end.

    Ending 2 of Elden Ring – Age of Stars

    Elden Ring - How to get all 4 endings
    1. Speak with Ranni at Elleh’s Church (after unlocking the mount).
    2. Clear Raya Lucaria’s Academy and defeat Rennala to unlock the Library there for later. To get there, you must find the Academy Glintstone Key and use it at the gate.
    3. Make the Caria Manor dungeon and reach the area behind it called Three Sisters, once there, go to Ranni’s Rise, one of the towers. Talk to Ranni at the top and accept her job offer. Talk to her minions afterwards, then talk to her again.
    4. Head to Mistwood Forest and cross the Siofra River Well to enter the Siofra River.
    5. Clear the Siofra River, talk to Blaidd there, then talk to Seluvis at Seluvis’ Rise (second tower in Three Sisters). From there, go to Ruin Cellar and talk to the witch there (this might be an optional step, but you’d need to progress the witch for other things anyway). Talk to Blaidd again and he’ll tell you about meeting him at Boss Radahn.
    6. Talk to Ranni again (may be optional, but it’s best to talk to her).
    7. Defeat Radahn in the castle southeast of Caelid and then speak with Blaidd. He will tell you about meeting him where the Star fell.
    8. Go to the area near Fort Haight West and from there go down to the crater. You will reach Nokron.
    9. After finishing everything in Nokron and obtaining the Fingerslayer Blade, go back to Renna/Ranni and talk to her. She will thank you and give you a Watch.
    10. Go to Carian Study Hall. Use the Clock on the Altar and clear the inverted study room. Reach the Divine Tower and get the Mark of Death needed by Fortisax.
    11. Go to the third Tower in Three Sisters – Rise of Renna – and use the teleport.
    12. Take the Renna Doll from the coffin upon arrival. Sit next to grace and use the option to talk to Renna until the dialogue runs out.
    13. Follow the path through Nokstella until you face an invading NPC.
    14. With the NPC key go to the library in Raya Lucaria’s academy where you fought Rennala and open the chest, get the Ring.
    15. From where you fought the NPC, continue past Lake or Rot and at the bottom of the next area, called the Great Cloister, reach the end of the river of blood. Enter the coffin there.
    16. Defeat Astel and follow the path that will be open because of your ring.
    17. In the Moonlight Plateau, go to the Cathedral of Manus Celes and enter the hole in the floor. Follow the path.
    18. Put the ring on your finger, the ending is assured and just summon Ranni after the final boss.

    Ending 3 – Lord of the Flame

    Elden Ring - How to get all 4 endings

    The only step towards this ending is to go through the sewers in Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Go to Graça da Varanda in the Capital. From there, go down the stairs, through the door and immediately turn left and jump the fence there. Approximately below the dragon corpse’s foot, you’ll find a pit. Keep going down there and at the end you’ll find Mohg, the Omen. Behind the Altar is a hidden path that will lead you to the Frenzy Flame Lord’s End. You’ll have to do a lot of platforms to get to the bottom of this area.

    At the bottom, you’ll find a red door. Take the grace and leave the door for now. There’s also a way to get there when the Capitol is destroyed. Among the few remaining buildings, you can find a sewer grate that will also take you there. So technically you can enter the sewers even after defeating the final boss.

    After the final boss is defeated and you’ve backed up your save, head back to the door and approach it naked without using any equipment. It will mark you for the end, but block you from the end Elden Lord, so it’s very important NOT to do the final step of touching the door before you kill the last boss and backup your save file.

    Ending 4 – Age of Duskborn

    Elden Ring - How to get all 4 endings

    You’ll follow the same steps while doing the Witch Ranni quest (you can even complete it in full beforehand). The important thing is that you have the Killing Curse from Rennala’s chest.

    With it, go to Nokron Eternal City and follow the path north of the Ancestral Woods. Upon reaching the cliff, take a look at an aqueduct below you. Keep following this until you fight two Valiant Gargoyle bosses.

    Once you eliminate them, you can interact with a coffin that transports you to a secret area called Deeproot Depths. In Deeproot Depths, your objective is to reach a section of the cliff behind the crumbling towers with fire-breathing mobs. There, you’ll face a boss and see Fia.

    Keep talking to Fia until you can give her the Cursemark of Death. So travel fast or recharge so you can see her sleeping. This allows you to enter a dream world to fight Lichdragon Fortissax. Defeating this boss allows you to get the Death Prince’s Rune of Reparation alongside Fia.

    Now just select the new ending option after the boss.