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How to Get Blood Bag in Valheim

    In Valheim, the Blood Bag is a very important resource. After all, you will need them to make the healing potion in the game. So, we at CodioDesk have decided to make this guide that will teach you how to get blood bags in Valheim.

    How to Get Blood Bag in Valheim

    To obtain Blood Bags in Valheim, you will need to find leeches, and they can be found in bodies of water in swamps. That is, you will need to explore the marshes in search of leeches while taking care of any hostile creatures that may come your way.

    You will be able to see the leeches in the water and outside. And keep in mind that they can bite you if you get too close, and this is something you should avoid, as their poison takes a good deal of your life and slows you down in the water.

    So, we recommend that you use a bow and arrow to eliminate them from a distance and after they are killed, collect the Blood Bags that they drop.

    Another method of doing this is by building a base in the swamp and a stone platform. That’s because you can stay on top of the platform, attract the leeches and shoot them in a totally safe way, without worrying about getting bitten.

    In addition, you can also use a harpoon to catch a leech from the water.


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