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How to get Gunpowder in the game Far Cry 6

    In Far Cry 6, gunpowder is an extremely important resource. After all, all weapon modifications in the game require this material. So we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we’ll teach you how to get gunpowder in Far Cry 6!

    How to get gunpowder in Far Cry 6

    FND Boxes

    The most consistent source of gunpowder in the game is the FND boxes, which are red and gray and are scattered across the game’s map. The downside is that they can go unnoticed very easily because they don’t attract much attention.

    Military Supply Drops

    These drops are rarer than FND boxes, after all, there are only 20 of them in the game. However, these drops are easier to find and give players better rewards, and among those rewards is some gunpowder. All military supply drops are marked by a large yellow smoke sign, which can be easily noticed even from a great distance.

    Bandit Operations

    These operations are unlockable side missions that can yield rare rewards. To unlock these operations, you must recruit multiple hostages in Yara. When you have enough followers, you can carry out party quests that are advertised on Bandido boards in El Este, Madrugada and Valle de Oro.

    These quests and their rewards change over time and cannot be repeated. Now, note that before accepting one of these operations, you’ll be able to see what rewards it offers, so it’s easy to see which of these Far Cry 6 side missions will earn you gunpowder.

    Far Cry 6 is the newest game in the Ubisoft guerrilla franchise, and this time we embark on an adventure to free a Caribbean island that is oppressed by an evil dictator. In Far Cry 6, you control Dani Rojas, who is a character who just wants to escape from Yara, the island where the game takes place, and who ends up getting involved with the local resistance and will now fight to free the island of Anton Castillo.

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