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How to Get Pesos Faster in Far Cry 6

    Far Cry 6’s money is the Pesos, which are extremely important for the player who wants to succeed in the game. It turns out that many are struggling to get this feature on a large scale. So we at Codiodesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get quick cash in Far Cry 6!

    How to Get Pesos Fast Cash on Far Cry 6

    Bandit Operations

    The Bandido operation consists of a minigame composed of three scenarios that present players with three choices each. At each of these stages, players can earn rewards including weapons and weights if they succeed, but losing at any of these stages results in losing some of the recruits that were accumulated at the start.

    Bandidos operations are the safest way to gain as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. The only downside to this method is that players must wait for an extended period of time, ranging from about an hour in the real world, before starting another Bandit operation. For this reason, it is recommended that players start a Bandits operation whenever they enter the camp.


    As for the cockfighting minigame, there are several cocks that players can find and capture in Yara, and one must be captured before starting this challenge. Interestingly, these minigames are inspired by fighting games and the roosters even have a special ability called the Gallo Super attack, which deals a considerable amount of damage.

    However, the cockfighting matches that players start will gradually increase in difficulty after consecutive victories.

    Roosters have three attacks, including a short and long-range attack as well as a jump attack. However, even if players take damage or fail their attacks, they can still turn the tables by increasing their rage bar, allowing them to unleash their Gallo Super attack.

    Dodging is essential to becoming truly skilled in this minigame. Taking advantage of enemies by waiting until they get stuck in the middle of an attack, skilled players can counterattack with ranged attacks to deliver fatal blows.

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