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How to get strawberry seeds Stardew Valley

    Strawberries are one of the best fruits currently in the Stardew Valley, and this guide will show you how to get the seeds to start a beautiful plantation!

    There are many fun activities you can do in Stardew Valley. After all, you got one doing inherited from your grandfather and now you’re free to do what you want with it. In the game we can plant different types of seeds, establish friendships with the people of the Pelican city, and even get married if you find a soul mate.

    So there are many doubts about the game, where to get iron ore and copper for example, since it is extremely extensive and has a lot to do. Today’s guide will show you how to get strawberry seeds in Stardew Valley.

    How to get strawberry seeds in the Stardew Valley

    To obtain strawberry seeds, you must wait until the Egg Festival, which takes place on the 13th of each spring in the Pelicana town square. At the festival, you will be able to buy the seeds for 100 gold in the hand of Pierre, who will be at a stand near the entrance to the city. Along with that, you can also buy several other items related to the egg festival.

    After obtaining the strawberry seeds, you can plant them, and they will take a total of eight days to mature and four days after your first harvest. We recommend buying a large number of strawberry seeds and saving them for planting on the next first day of spring. However, you can also plant them on the day you obtain them, but it will be tricky.

    Stardew Valley is an endless RPG of country life! You inherited your grandfather’s old farm in Vale do Orvalho. Equipped with second-hand tools and a few coins, you will start your new life.

    Since Joja Corporation came to town, old ways of life have almost disappeared. The Community Center, once the most visited place in the city, is now in ruins. But the valley seems full of opportunities. With a little dedication, you can be the person who will restore the greatness of the Dew Valley!

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