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How to get the Sway emote in Lost Ark

    In games like Lost Ark, using an emote to casually communicate with other players is pretty common, and there’s an emote in the game called Sway that many players want to use. It turns out that obtaining this emote can be a real mystery for many. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will teach you how to get the Sway emote in Lost Ark!

    How to get the Sway emote in Lost Ark

    Players will need to complete a set of tasks to get the Sway emote. This dance can be acquired once players have unlocked the ability to cross the seas, a feature that becomes available after completing the East Luterra questline. More specifically, the boat trip is rewarded for finishing “Set Sail!” In this Lost Ark mission, players will hire their first crew member, Eshu, and embark on their first voyage on the open sea.

    The quest “Set Sail!” becomes accessible once players complete the Lost Ark Main Story Questlines of Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra. Once players are able to travel by boat, they can head to Peyto, the quest location to obtain the Sway emote. Peyto is a small island that is slightly southwest of Pleccia, close to Tooki Island.

    After arriving in Peyto, players must climb aboard the giant tourist ship docked nearby. Near the center of the ship’s deck, Lost Ark players will find Danidani, a Mokoko leading a flash mob performance. Players will need to speak with Danidani to receive the “Becoming an Idol” quest, which is incredibly easy and straightforward in Lost Ark that shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete.

    Completing the Becoming an Idol quest

    To fulfill “Becoming an Idol” and get the Sway emote in Lost Ark, players must first Cheer emote for Danidani. To do this, they will need to stand inside the glowing orange circle on the ground and type the command “/cheer” to run the emote. Alternatively, players can open the Community element in the lower right corner of the HUD and select the Emote tab. Here, Lost Ark fans will have access to all available emotes.

    Lost Ark emote Sway
    Mission location to get the Sway emote – Playback: Lost Ark

    After performing the Cheer emote by Danidani, players will be tasked with applauding Mokoko’s flash mob performance. To use the Applaud emote, Lost Ark fans can repeat one of the two methods mentioned above. Afterward, Producer Hermes, an NPC on the left, will call out to the player, praising them for their energy display in Lost Ark.

    Hermes will ask the player if he wants to take a test. To receive quest rewards, players must choose “Sure Thing!” Then they must use the Dance emote alongside Hermes to progress towards the objective. Players should keep in mind that they must dance until the orange circle disappears in order for Hermes to be satisfied.

    Once the task is complete, the producer will invite the player to one day perform on stage, rewarding them with the Sway emote, along with a Legendary Pack of Unusual Cards.