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How to increase your strength in GTA Online

    Want to know how to increase your strength in GTA Online? So you are in the right place!

    With the launch of Grand Theft Auto’s online mode for the next generation, many new players are diving into the vast open world of Los Santos, ready to take on what the city has to offer. However, those starting at the bottom will soon find that the game’s decaying underworld can hit you relentlessly, hard, and fast. Therefore, it is very useful for your custom character in the game to be in the best shape possible; that way, if someone wants to attack you, you can respond just as effectively.

    For anyone just starting out, increasing your strength in GTA Online is very different than in other titles in the franchise. For example, there are no gyms like in GTA San Andreas, so you will have to look for alternative techniques to increase strength.

    Also, there are no physical changes that occur visually as strength increases (like what would happen to protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson), which means it can be tricky to keep track of how strong your character is getting. That being said, here are some cool in-game tricks that will improve these elements and make you succeed. increase your strength in GTA Online!

    What does the force do in GTA Online?

    There are many skills in Grand Theft Auto Online that provide great gameplay effects on your character. Like attributes in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, they are adjustable but less variable and specific. In total, there are 7 skills you can improve: Endurance, Strength, Shooting, Stealth, Piloting, Driving, and Mental State.

    Of this group, Strength is easily one of the most crucial skills for players as it increases damage in melee combat, speeds up climbing, improves sporting ability, and reduces damage taken from various sources.

    How to increase strength in GTA Online?

    Increasing strength can be a tedious process in GTA Online, as the overall task is incredibly time-consuming. However, unlike other abilities, it isn’t particularly complicated to do, and the most common method is simply getting into fights with rival players or pedestrians. A good rule of thumb to remember is that for every 20 punches you land on someone, your in-game strength skill will increase by 1%.

    Another common technique used by players to build strength is to go to one of the many tennis courts or golf courses. While there is only one golf course, the Los Santos Golf Club at the GWC and Golfing Society, there are 7 tennis courts located in Los Santos:

    • Chumash Hotel Courts, Great Ocean Highway;
    • Richman Hotel Courts, West Eclipse Boulevard;
    • USLA Campus Courts, Picture Perfect Drive;
    • Vespucci Apartments Courts, Palomino Avenue;
    • Vespucci Courts, Vespucci Beach;
    • Vinewood Apartments Courts, Elgin Avenue;
    • Weazel Courts, Dorset Drive.

    The best ways to increase strength

    Maximizing strength can be an arduous task for even the most hardcore gamers, as most progress is made simultaneously while the player carries out the many lucrative activities scattered throughout Los Santos. However, it’s no surprise that the more “scientific” parts of the community have discovered a faster way to build strength.

    In short, this method requires two players in the same lobby. With one player waiting inside a parked vehicle, the other has to punch the car for about ten minutes to increase the strength stat. Not only will this count as the player dealing damage to an opponent, but none of the participants will receive any damage. Great, huh?