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How to Obtain Duck Feathers in Stardew Valley

    In the stardew valley, duck feathers can be very useful. However, with the plethora of items and wares available in the game, players are often not sure how to obtain a specific commodity – or what to do with it. Depending on your playing style, the duck feathers in Stardew Valley can illustrate this dilemma well, but this guide is here to help you.

    Raising animals can make you get a lot of useful items in Stardew Valley, like the duck feathers themselves. However, these features do not always appear quickly. Whether for the Community Center, gifts, crafts or simply for in-game achievements, here’s how to get these adorable green feathers!

    How to Get Duck Feathers in Stardew Valley

    stardew valley duck feathers

    To get duck feathers, you’ll need ducks first. This animal can only live in a Large or larger Chicken Coop. As with all game structures, you’ll need Robin’s help at this point. To build a Basic Chicken Coop, you must have the following materials:

    • Wood (300)
    • Stone (100)
    • 4,000 diamonds

    As for a Large Chicken Coop, the materials needed are:

    • Wood (400)
    • Stone (150)
    • 10,000 gold

    Once Robin completes the Big Chicken Coop upgrade, you can buy ducks with Marnie for 1,200 GOLD each. Once they grow up, the ducks will start producing eggs every day. However, if the animal is happy enough and is a great friend of yours, there is a chance that it will produce a feather instead of the egg. To increase your relationship with the bird, do the following:

    • Make sure the duck is fed every day;
    • Pet the duck every day;
    • Let the duck roam outside the chicken coop;
    • Make sure the duck doesn’t stay outside the henhouse overnight;
    • Place a heater inside the chicken house during the winter season.

    Where to Use Duck Feathers?

    Once obtained, duck feathers can be sold. However, they also have some other uses. If you’re trying to build a good relationship with Elliot or Leo, saving some feathers is recommended as this feature is a beloved gift for both characters. Because they’re easy to find and collect once you’ve bought ducks, they also make an easy path to lasting friendships with these neighbors.

    In addition to serving as a gift, the duck feathers are needed to complete the Community Center, as it is an item in the Paint Set on the Message Board. You can also use these tailoring feathers, to create the lime green striped shirt.

    However, if you still want to sell this item, keep an eye on the prices:

    QualityRegular PricePrice with the Rancher Profession
    Normal250 gold300 gold
    Silver312 diamonds374 diamonds
    Gold375 gold450 diamonds
    iridium500 diamonds600 gold


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