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How to Own a Helicopter Far Cry 6

    In Far Cry 6, O helicopter it can be used in battle or to traverse the vast areas of Yara. It can also serve to get around the game’s huge open space, as well as other vehicles such as cars, tanks and even horses. As you can already see, there are several ways to move around in the Ubisoft title; plus several different weapons and equipment.

    In Far Cry 6, there is an helicopter that makes travel simple, but also attack aircraft that cause a lot of destruction. You can choose from the different models in the game, such as the Kaumbat 1952 and the Garin Vorona C.

    As there is more than one helicopter in Far Cry 6, you will find aircraft in several different locations. The most affordable helicopter to obtain is the Kaumbat R-52 and the WSP 1952, because the regular version of the aircraft is part of the game’s storyline, while the WSP is at most military bases. Another easy-to-find helicopter in the military is the Garin Vorona C. 1968. The last easy-to-get helicopter is the Avispa Buzzer (Resolver), located at any blockade point or in Lozania. However, if you want to travel and attack enemies, choose the Garin Vorona CT 1968.

    How to Own a Helicopter in Far Cry 6 (Garin Vorona CT 1968)

    To find Garin Vorona CT 1968, go to Esperanza. To get it, you’ll need an EMP weapon to shoot the helicopter down from the sky and then hijack it when it lands. Keep an eye on the region north of Almendras Hills until a helicopter appears to get your attention.

    On the other hand, there are some anti-aircraft guns in the area, which means you’ll need to lure the helicopter away before using the EMP. Once the CT is away from the weapons, Dani can blow it up with the EMP and kill the pilot. So Dani can hijack the helicopter and use it at any time.

    It’s worth remembering that the locomotion options that double as weapons aren’t limited to just helicopters in Far Cry 6. Another great way to get to different locations is to unlock the Wingsuit, which gives you a quick travel option. As for blowing up moving enemies, you can get the Petrov HS-100 1944, the first tank available for the Far Cry series.

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