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How to sell planes in GTA Online

    One of the biggest status indicators in GTA Online is the possibility of sell planes. In the game, you can get and store these vehicles, but when you need some quick cash, a valid option is to sell an old or outdated aircraft to get half its value back. Unfortunately, however, sell planes in GTA Online It’s not the simplest process out there, and it requires that you’ve first made a pretty significant investment. We will explain more about this in the following topics!

    Buying a Hangar and a Workshop

    before you can sell planes in GTA Online, you first need to buy a Hangar to store them. There are five hangars available for sale on the Maze Bank app, with prices ranging from $1.2 million to $3.25 million.

    Tip: if you buy a hangar in Fort Zancudo, you will have limited access to the base, including the nice perk of being able to pass through the checkpoint without acquiring a wanted level.

    Once you have a Hangar full of planes to sell, you will need to buy a Workshop to actually do business. The Workshop is one of many Hangar upgrades available and will cost $1.15 million to obtain. In addition to allowing you to sell your aircraft in GTA Online, the Workshop also allows you to renew and customize your planes.

    How to sell planes in GTA Online?

    After you’ve built a Workshop in the Hangar, it’s time to sell your planes. To do this, just enter the aircraft and press the button that will appear on the screen to start modifying it. At the bottom of the customization menu, there will be the option to sell the aircraft for half the original price.

    This method can be used to sell most planes in GTA Online, but you will not be able to sell any Pegasus vehicles. Carrier vehicles can be stored in the Hangar and even customized in the Workshop, but you will not have the option to sell them.

    Fortunately, any non-Pegasus vehicle can be sold freely, which helps you have some money for other projects in this rich world of GTA Online.