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How to Unlock the Secret End Far Cry 6

    Did you know that Far Cry 6 have one secret ending? As with most recent titles in the Ubisoft franchise, the game has a mysterious ending that, when unlocked, totally changes the events of the narrative and makes you face the credits sooner than expected. The ending is fun, silly and perfectly matches the tone of the open world adventure – although you seem a bit mean for leaving the revolution behind, if we’re being honest.

    However, unless you have a really good eye to observe everything that goes on around you and pay attention to the dialogues, unlocking the secret ending in Far Cry 6 can be a little challenging. To make things easier, we’ve made this guide to help you check out that alternate ending. Come on?

    How to Unlock the Secret Ending of Far Cry 6

    You can’t unlock the secret ending right away – it takes some work. The island where you start Far Cry 6 is a great tutorial, as it requires you to complete a number of missions that will get you up to speed on the basics of combat, crafting, stealth, and exploration on the island paradise of Yara.

    The missions will also see you recruiting new allies, raiding outposts and checkpoints, and finally reaching Castillo’s two ships to reclaim the island from its oppressors. Eliminate absolutely everyone on these two ships, either by stealth or through explosions, and you’ll be called by Clara to jump into another boat, located in the middle of these two burning ships.

    Climb aboard and a cutscene will appear, where Clara exposes the impact and consequences of the coming revolution. However, you won’t care about any of this, after all, the secret ending is just about that. Once at the dock, Clara will offer you the keys to an old and fragile boat that can take you to Miami, where you can live in paradise.

    The game then gives you the option of ignoring this potential escape and starting your journey on the main island, but if you want, it’s entirely possible to get on that boat and head out into the sunset. There’s a right route to use – turn the boat around and start driving towards a stretch between two small islands to the side of Dani’s left hand. Once you’re far enough away, Dani will speak a sentence and the screen will start to go dark.

    Afterwards, Dani can be found relaxing on the beach and listening to the radio, while the narrators broadcast news of Anton Castillo, who managed to bypass the resistance and kill Clara for his crimes. Apparently, they really needed his help. Also, this secret ending comes with a freebie trophy, so you’ll need to do that to get platinum.

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