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How to unlock the special missions in Lost Ark

    Lost Ark has special missions and many players wonder how to unlock them. So, we at CodioDesk decided to make this guide where we will talk about exactly that!

    How to unlock special missions in Lost Ark

    Before the player can even think about doing special missions, players need access to a fortress in Lost Ark. This is done when the player progresses through the main story and completes the quest called “Eadalin’s Gift”. This stronghold comes with a dispatch station that players can use to send ships on missions for a certain period of time in the real world.

    Assuming the player has a ship and crew available, normal missions should be immediately available. But the special quests are a different matter as they are meant for endgame content only and will have the player partake in the aura of chaos and collect souls if they want to send a ship in these quests.

    Lost Ark special missions

    But the special missions themselves are not immediately available in Lost Ark. Instead, players need to upgrade the stronghold to at least level 2 and reach level 50 in their character. It is at this time that players must head to an NPC named Vern, help out in a town, and unlock some list quests. These list quests, in turn, will allow the player to discover their first Chaos Dungeon, where players can farm Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.

    Return to the fortress and head to the main mansion, and try to trigger a quest that will lead to the docks. At the docks, an NPC named Adventurer Edwin complains that no one wants him in their raiding party. Choose a few dialogue options and the quest “Legendary Monster Slayer” will be triggered, which will act as a special quest tutorial for the player. Complete this mission and that’s it, the special missions will be unlocked.

    Lost Ark is an isometric camera action MMORPG. Those who have played Diablo will never feel quite at home. There are 15 different classes to choose from, each with totally different abilities, animations, and mechanics.