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How to use emotes in Fortnite

    Fortnite has numerous emotes that players use to communicate in a fun way in the game or even to brag after a win. Emotes vary between little dances, provocative and funny actions. So, knowing how popular Fortnite is and that the game continues to receive new players, we decided to make this guide that will show you how to use the game’s emotes!

    How to use emotes in Fortnite

    Each platform on which Fortnite is available has its own way for players to run an emote. Check out:

    • PRAÇA – During the game, press B and a round menu with emotes will appear. You can choose which page of emotes you want to see at the top of the screen. So, to use an emote, just use the mouse to select it in the circular menu and click!
    • Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation and Switch) – When you’re in the game, hold the Down arrow on your controller. Then, the same circular emote menu will appear. Now just select the desired emote with your analog and use the action button (X or A) on your control.
    • Mobile – After confirming that your character has emotes to use, enter the game and look inspect the buttons available on the screen and near the top right corner you will see a button whose icon is a speech bubble with an exclamation mark (!) On it. Then, hold this button to see the available emotes. Now just select the emote you want!

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