Komi-San confirms episode count of the second phase

Thanks to the official website of TV Tokyowe have confirmed that the second phase of Komi Can’t Communicate will have 12 episodes in total.

The exhibition in Japan, by the way, will conclude next week.

In different markets, the promotional campaign put it as a second season, but here, through Netflix, it ended up integrating the original episodes of the first season, thus becoming just a new arc.

We don’t know if there are any plans for a third season, but considering that the critical and public reception has been positive, everything indicates that it will happen.

This is a studio production. OLMwith direction of Ayumu Watanabe and Kazuki KawagoeWhile Deko Akao take care of the script.

On her first day at the elite high school Itan High School, the main setting of the story, Shouko Komi is immediately popular due to the stoic beauty and elegance that her classmates perceive her to possess.

However, only Hitohito Tadano, an extremely ordinary student assigned to the seat next to her, realizes that behind her appearance, Komi has serious problems communicating with other people.

After an incident that leaves Komi and Tadano alone in the classroom, Komi reveals that her dream is to get 100 friends. Tadano decides to help Komi on this quest.

An interesting detail of the manga created by Tomohito Oda is that their characters have names related to the protagonist’s personality.