Lawyer reveals what it takes to appear in Marvel and DC movies

Former Marvel Lawyer Explains What It Takes to Be a Part of Movies in the Marvel and DC Universes.

The two publishers have been direct competitors for decades in comics, and despite filmmakers saying the movie studios associated with the brands often work together to some degree, fans still tend to pit one against the other.

Each of the studios is currently developing their respective franchise, and sometimes filmmakers and actors switch back and forth. The latest example of this is Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior joining the ever-growing cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

So what, exactly, does it take for an actor to participate in both universes? The ex-lawyer of MarvelPaul Sarker, stated that if an actor from Marvel hopes to land a role elsewhere, like DC, there’s a chance his contract says he must be approved by Marvel Studios. That is, of course, if the artist and Marvel have what’s called a “first position” deal.

“When the studio has options, they usually dictate what can be done,” Sarker told “They can’t dictate what the actor can do when they’re not filming, but they have a pretty significant exclusivity.

So, for example, if you’re going to be the head of a Marvel franchise, you can’t actually appear in a DC movie or another big job at another studio unless you get Marvel authorization, because they want to be on the call.” first position”. They have their movie and then there will be a window for a sequel and then a window for a third movie, this machine needs to keep turning.”


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