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How to Make Maple Syrup in Stardew Valley

    In Stardew Valley it is possible to make Maple Syrup, it is a very important item and today we will learn everything we need to know about it.

    One thing that players should think about is maple syrup. It has many uses in the game and depending on what the player wants to do with his farm and the surrounding area, making maple syrup can be essential.

    How to Make Maple Syrup in the Stardew Valley

    First, the player needs to find a board properly. When the game begins, the player’s farm is essentially a forest, so they can find maples growing in the area. The three types of trees that grow natively on the farm are maple, oak, and pine. For reference in the image above, the trees on the left are maple.

    To extract the maple syrup, players will have to build a rubber tapper, which is made with 40 wooden bars and 2 copper bars. The recipe is unlocked when the player reaches level 3 in the forest. Once the player adds the rubber to the board, it will take about nine days to collect the maple syrup. As this is a lengthy process, it may be advisable to explore several trees. If they want, players can even scale them up to receive one (or more) maple syrup a day.

    Maple syrup can be sold for 200g, but it can also be given as a gift to many residents of the Pelican city (although Maru doesn’t like it). It is necessary for some of the packages at the Community Center.


    Stardew Valley is an endless RPG of country life! You inherited your grandfather’s old farm in Vale do Orvalho. Equipped with second-hand tools and a few coins, you will start your new life.

    Since Joja Corporation came to town, old ways of life have almost disappeared. The Community Center, once the most visited place in the city, is now in ruins. But the valley seems full of opportunities. With a little dedication, you can be the person who will restore the greatness of the Dew Valley!

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