My Hero Academia | Volume 33 breaks new sales record in Japan

Ahead of the Final Arc and conclusion in the second half of this year, My Hero Academia remains at the top of sales in Japan.

According to a report by Oricon Newsthere was even a record breaking recently, thanks to the publication of Volume 33.

The site points out that it is the most successful volume of the work, approaching 700,000 copies in the country, leaving Volume 31 behind, having reached just over 600,000 units.

In all, My Hero Academia already has 65 million copies in circulation, with 40 million in Japan.

“My Hero Academia is currently at what we could say its peak selling point for now, with Volume 33 setting a new all-time record. With season 6 of the anime coming up, the series is in great shape.”

My Hero Academia created by Kōhei Horikoshi and rescues the great action stories that made the Shonen Jump world famous and still pays a great tribute to classic American comic book heroes. With this engaging formula, the work has been conquering fans in all parts of the globe.

According to Horikoshi, completion should happen in the second half of this year.