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New information and images are revealed for Elden Ring

    Elden Ring had 16-minute gameplay presented to some journalists around the world, and new information began to surface on the internet about the game, as well as some new promotional images.

    Elden Ring – New information and images are revealed

    According to journalists who have seen the gameplay, Elden ring is a world in which a quick trip to a rescue point is possible from anywhere on the map. It’s a world where many encounters are optional, and one where a dragon might surprise you, dropping from the sky to fight you as you ride across a field on horseback.

    Elden Ring’s fantasy realm is a series of dungeons connected by a vast, open upper world. It’s a big change for the studio, and it involved a lot of iteration and learning. Check below some of the most important points that were presented in the gameplay:

    New information about Elden Ring:

    • Fast travel from anywhere
    • Many optional encounters
    • Several different paths
    • Archers and magicians can also fight on horseback
    • Open world full of dungeons to explore
    • Stealth mechanics similar to Sekiro
    • new parry mechanics
    • Enemies have a posture/balance that can be broken (looks like Sekiro too)
    • Hub with confirmed NPCs (similar to the fire bond sanctuary in Dark Souls)

    In addition to the new information, we also had a lot of new game images, check below:

    Are you looking forward to playing? Elden Ring should have more information released as the release date approaches.