One Piece Crowns Four New Emperors After Wano

One Piece’s Wano arc was one of the longest and most monumental in the series to date, featuring major battles and events as well as crowning 4 New Emperors of the Sea with the newest installment in the series.

Eiichiro Oda has officially announced that the series is gearing up for the final saga and that means these chapters are pretty important. After all, they set the stage for what we will see in the future.

With recent chapters exploring the aftermath of the fighting in Onigashima, the 4 new emperors have been revealed: Luffy, Shanks, Teech and Buggy.

In Brazil, the anime adaptation of One Piece is available simultaneously with the release of new episodes in Japan on the platform Crunchyroll.

Multiple seasons can also be seen in the Netflix catalog, and with Portuguese dubs.

There was one man who conquered everything the world had to offer, the legendary Pirate King, Gold Roger. Captured and sentenced to execution by the World Government, his last words threw legions into the seas. “My treasure? If you want, you can take it. Look for him! It contains everything this world can offer!” It was the revelation of the greatest treasure, the One Piece, coveted by men all over the world, dreaming of immeasurable fame and wealth… Thus began the Great Age of Pirates!