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Overgeared Chapter 126: The Pressure to Win!

    So now, Overgided Chapter 126 will consist of two battles one after another. The first battle was between Greed and the leader of the Great Veradin Guild. And the final battle is the one teased in the final stage. So here’s everything you need to know about both outings.

    In the next chapter, it will be interesting to see what Greed does now. Most of his moves went to waste in this fight, but he dealt with burnout and pressure from fans to win.

    Summary of the previous Chapter!

    The 125th chapter of Overgared starts with most of Greed’s students struggling to get a fight with him. In one of his finishing moves, Greed just stared into their eyes, and they all froze in place. But his rage didn’t last long enough when the leader of the Great Veradin Guild also appeared. He revived all the undead and turned them into soldiers against Greed.

    But the hero refused to bow and drew his sword to strike another attack. Helping him from the other side is his Clone. But the Great Veradin was pacified because his body had not suffered many injuries. Towards the end of the Chapter, the war is halted, and another battle in a faraway land begins.

    Overgeared Chapter 126: What Happens Next?

    The next chapter of Overgared will deal with two wars at once. Greed’s battle with the great Veradin has no end in the final act. Even after using the clone, none of them could defeat the man. Two Greeds can only destroy twenty percent of his strength. Now, Greed will have to come up with a new plan to recover in the match. In the final part of the fight, Greed swung his sword for the final blow.

    Overgeared Chapter 126: The Pressure to Win!

    So it was very likely that he would defeat him with this attack. Now, Overgided Chapter 126 will also tell about the war that was started in a faraway land. The farmer was suddenly questioning every move of a farmer. The next chapter will also continue with the developments of this brawl.

    Overgeared Chapter 126: Release Date

    Greed has been learning that it’s not easy running a business. Does this mean he wants to go back to fighting in tournaments? Overgeared Chapter 126 will give us all the answers. The chapter should release on April 30, 2022. All manhua can only be found on Naver and Webtoon, with chap versions released by Kakaopage.