Panini publishes Sousou no Frieren in Brazil

Editora Panini, leader in the publishing sector, launches this month in Brazil, Frieren and the Journey to the Beyond (Sousou no Frieren), an adventure, fantasy and shounen manga.

In progress in Japan with 7 volumes, Kanehito Yamada’s work, features art by Tsukasa Abe and won the 14th Taisho Prize in 2021.

Sousou no Frieren begins after a group of heroes have defeated the Demon King. You will accompany Frieren, an elf different from her three traveling companions. The work will address what she lived in the world, what she felt after the adventure was over.

And yet, his relationship with those who stayed and what would be the prayer for the dead… “This story begins after the adventure ends”. “A post-adventure fantasy that tells the life of these heroes!”

the manga Sousou no Frieren counts with 184 pages, and it arrives for the price of R$ 34,90 in the site from Panini.

Frequency: Bimonthly
Format: 13.7X20 cm
Age Rating: 16 years old
Number of pages: 194
Cover Type: Card
Value: BRL 34.90


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