PlayStation 5 Controller defines future for racing games with Gran Turismo 7

DualSense is one of the main new features of the PlayStation 5, as the new controller brings mechanics that make the player experience even more immersive. Gran Turismo 7, a new game in Sony’s exclusive franchise, explores everything controller has to offer and makes racing even more realistic, which could define the future of racing games on consoles.

The DualSense novelties were already noticeable in several games that preceded the Gran Turismo. In “Call of Duty: Cold War” it is possible to notice the triggers change weight according to the weapon in which it is used and, in “Astro’s Playroom”, the tactile response acting to simulate the texture of the soil.

In Gran Turismo 7 the control stands out even more for using everything the DualSense has to offer. The tactile technology exploits the car’s running sensation well, being able to feel the friction of the tires on the track, engine vibrations and jerks in gear changes.

Gran Turismo Note

In addition, the control also uses the responses of the triggers in an immersive way. That’s because it’s possible to feel the left trigger, used as a brake, get less or heavier depending on the car used. The right trigger, responsible for the accelerator, indicates when the car is losing grip according to vibrations.

Finally, DualSense also gives the possibility of a motion sensor. Inside Gran Turismo 7 it is possible to use the controller as a steering wheel and move it in the necessary direction, making the player experience even more realistic and immersive.

With the new technologies and mechanics of DualSense, the player will feel even more inside a racing car, making the slogan of the Gran Turismo franchise, “to be a real racing simulator”, more real with each game.

It is the truth? It’s just that such a feeling makes any racing game try to follow Sony’s example, after all, the DualSense shows the evolution of the Playstation 4 for the PlayStation 5 and it is difficult to leave such immersion aside, being impossible to go back.