Pokémon: Hisui’s Snows | Watch the last episode

The series Pokémon: The Snows of Hisui had its third and final episode officially available, with subtitles in Portuguese.

The official title is “Two Shades”, where we accompany Alec, now older, returning to the Hisui region, reminiscing about his friendship with Hisui’s Zorua. But, the question of what happened to the bond between the two still remains.


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The Hisui region was originally explored in the game Pokémon Legends: Arceus and represents the ancient region of Sinnoh, before there were Pokémon Trainers and Pokémon Leagues.

Pokémon: Hisui’s Snows takes place during this ancient era, when the relationship between people and Pokémon was very different. Aboard a boat bound for the Hisui region, the protagonist Alec remembers the first time his father took him there.

alec: Alec is heading to the Hisui region in search of medicinal herbs. He is an educated young man who is studying to become a doctor. Once, as a child, he accompanied his father on a visit to the Hisui region, a time when he was adventurous and mischievous.

alec’s father: Alec’s father is a carpenter and lived in a different region, but he recently moved to the Hisui region to acquire materials. He became afraid of Pokémon after a certain incident.

Zorua (Hisui’s form): The Vengeful Fox Pokémon that lives in the Hisui region. Zorua’s lingering spirits that were driven from their homeland and extinct are said to have returned to life in this form, fueled by the power of their malice towards humans and Pokémon.

It is a joint production between The Pokémon Company International and WIT STUDIOwith Ken Yamamoto in the direction, while Taku Kishimoto is responsible for the script.