primal | HBO Max confirms season 2 for July

In an official statement, HBO Max confirmed that the second season of Primal will premiere in July this year. There is no specific date for now, but July 21 has been rumored for a few weeks.

It is the creation of Genndy Tartakovsky at Adult Swim.

Tartakovsy, a legendary creator also known for his work on Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory, has signed an exclusive contract with Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. animation.

‎Under this agreement, Tartakovsky will develop, direct and produce series for a variety of audiences and on different platforms, including HBO Max and cable TV.‎

‎”Genndy is a true visionary who embodies the spirit of Cartoon Network Studios. He continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and animation, and we’re excited to have a front-row seat both here and at Warner Bros. Animation.”‎

declared Sam Register, president of Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation.

‎Tartakovsky has received 13 Emmy Award nominations, winning 5 for his contributions to‎‎Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Samurai Jack‎‎ and ‎‎Primal.‎‎

‎”My time at Cartoon Network Studios since its inception has been the most creative and rewarding years of my career. Now I find myself continuing this incredible relationship, as well as bringing Warner Bros. Animation – home to everything that inspired me to become an animator in the first place. I’m more than excited to see what we do next!‎”


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The animated series adult swim won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program, beating out hits like Bob’s Burgers, South Park and The Simpsons.

The series tells the story of an evolving caveman and a dinosaur that is close to being extinct. The two unite after a great tragedy, thus creating a friendship, which will be very important to survive in this primitive and violent world.

With ten episodes in the first season, Primal is available in the national catalog of HBO Max.