Producer Always Thinks About Obama When Making Episodes of The Boys

Former US President, Barack Obama previously listed The Boys as one of their favorite series.In an interview with Rolling Stone, showrunner Eric Kripke commented on the matter, and said that he always thinks about Obama when making a scene.

“I have no reason not to believe. I mean, he didn’t have to put us on his list, because it’s a kind of show that gets delivered to you in a brown paper bag. You have to be a little brave to say you watch this show, so I can’t imagine him lying about it. More than once in editing and post-production of the penis exploding sequence [nesta temporada]the thought came up many times.

Like, ‘Can you imagine President Obama watching this scene right now? And what must he be thinking?’ I really hope we make his list again. But I also understand why we can make a ‘Dear God, I made a terrible mistake’ list. I feel like it could be either way.”

The Boys main series is available on Prime Video, with 4 episodes of season 3 already released.

Based on the comic books of the same name, the series is the creation of Eric Kripke and follows a CIA superintendent who closely monitors a community of superheroes as their celebrity status has corrupted them and caused them to engage in behavior. reckless acts that compromise the world. Some of the characters are parodies of members of the Justice League.