Rachel Zegler reveals her reaction to being cast as Snow White

In a recent post on her social media, actress Rachel Zegler recalled her reaction to being cast as Snow White a year ago.

It is worth remembering that part of the public has criticized the choice of the star for the reason that she is a descendant of Latinos (Colombians).

Even Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage joined in the controversy, agreeing with the criticisms being made.

It is worth remembering that at the end of April, Gal Gadot announced through her social networks the conclusion of her participation in snow Whitewhere she will play the Evil Queen.

Marc Webbin The spectacular Spider Manis the director, while Erin Cressida (The Girl on the Train) handles the script.

The songs are under the responsibility of Benj Pasek and Justin Paulwho have already worked in Aladdinbut are also known for The Great Showe La La Land.

When an evil queen has her stepdaughter killed out of envy of her beauty, Snow White flees the kingdom. She walks through the forest and finds a little house where seven friendly dwarves live with whom she happens to live. However, the girl is still not safe, as the witch plans to end her life with a poisoned apple.