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Snake Locations in Red Dead Online

    In Red Dead Online, a snake can be found in all game regions. While these animals only offer a small amount of stringy meat, snakeskin and a stealthy carcass, you’ll eventually need to hunt them down to complete the daily challenges of Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode.

    THE snake in Red Dead Online it doesn’t have a single race, and different species will appear depending on where you are – although they all count towards the same goals. By hunting in the locations indicated below, you will be able to locate all snake breeds available in the game.

    Snake Locations in Red Dead Online

    red dead online snake

    New Austin

    • Snakes can be found scattered throughout the Rio Bravo and Gaptooth Ridge regions.
    • Its population is somewhat more condensed in the Cholla Springs region.
    • You can find them in and around Jorge’s Gap, as well as in the lands north of there.
    • You are also likely to find them west of Armadillo.
    • Just west of MacFarlane’s Ranch, you can find a small snake population north of Hennigan’s Stead.
    • Just east of MacFarlane’s Ranch, you can find snakes along the train tracks that descend towards Stillwater Creek, along Thieve’s Landing and across the island to Quaker’s Cove.

    West Elizabeth

    • At Quaker’s Cove, you can find snakes in the western and northern parts of the Great Plains.
    • Ironically, the Tall Trees region does not have a notable population of snakes, but there is small suitable habitat for them across the Aurora Basin and along the region’s northern boundary.
    • Snakes can be found along the Upper Montana River on both sides of the river banks, and in slightly greater abundance near the river mouth, dividing into Hawk’s Eye Creek.
    • Snakes are quite common throughout West Elizabeth, although they are most prominent at both ends of the Upper Montana River and Hawk’s Eye Creek, which branches off from it. You will also find more common snakes around the banks of Owanjila and north of the stream.


    • Cattail Lake and the surrounding land are likely to have some snakes crawling around.
    • You can find them in greatest abundance along the stretch of the Dakota River, which runs from the West Elizabeth/New Hanover border to the Cumberland Forest.
    • The south east central region of the Cumberland Forest is probably the best area to look for snakes in Ambardino.
    • You can find populations north, around Donner Falls, and northwest of O’Creagh’s Run.

    New Hanover

    • Starting at the northern border of New Hanover, snakes can be found along the Kamassa River from Brandywine Drop down through Annesburg to the Elysian Pool.
    • The area along the Lannahechee banks in Roanoke Ridge is great for snake hunting.
    • The southern region of Roanoke Ridge has a more widespread habitat for snakes, ranging from the banks of the Lannahechee, along the banks of the Kamassa and down the state.


    • In Lemoyne, you can find snakes in all waterways in the Bluewater Marshes and Bayou Nwa.
    • Another population of snakes is in the southeastern region of Scarlett Meadows, across the Bolger Glade, and ascends towards the city of Rhodes.
    • You can also check out the northern meadows around Ringneck Creek and Eris Field.
    • Snakes can also be found all over the western stretch of land and along Dewberry Creek.
    • If you’re still looking for snakes, you can head to the west coast islands of the meadows.

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