Sony confirms new product showcase

Sony Corp made it official that they will hold a showcase on June 29 where they will present different products. According to Tom Hendersontrusted industry insider, would be three headphones and two monitors.The headphones would have the following settings:


wired headphone
cheapest headphone
360 Spatial Sound


Wireless phone
360 Spatial Sound
Better battery life


Wireless phone
360 Spatial Sound
most expensive headphone
Noise canceling sound

As far as monitors go, one would be for 4K gaming at 144Hz and the other Full HD at 240Hz, both intended to improve the PlayStation 5 experience.

It is worth remembering that Henderson had already commented on an alleged launch of DualSense Proan improved version of the company’s new console controller.

The project’s codename would be “hunt”, bringing several features such as trigger lock, and back buttons.

One of the main changes, however, would be buttons below the analogs, allowing you to completely remove the parts, and being able to exchange for other models.

However, everything should continue to be treated as speculation. So, all that remains is to wait for official updates from the company.