Spider-Man | Does Sony have rights to new comic book characters?

A frequent question about Sony’s rights to Spider-Man is whether the studio has rights to explore new characters created in the comics decades after acquiring the franchise.

A former Marvel attorney named Paul Sarksays to the comicbook.com that yes, each and every character that is created until today in the titles of Spider man in the comics becomes the property of Sony at the movies.

The lawyer says that he believes that the concept of the contract that the Sony has involves the entire universe of the web, and with that the studio can very well explore the new creations of marvel comics.

“I believe the concept is that the Spider-Man universe is anything that appears in the comic book publication. So these characters become movie properties.” – It says Sark.

“So think of it as if there’s an advantage to having continuity. Comics aren’t static, right? And that’s what fans love, right? Let things evolve, stories evolve. So if you create new and interesting characters in the comics, Sony, I believe, has the right to exploit them in their movies if they are from the Spider-Man universe.” – Completes the lawyer.


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This explains why the Sony use characters like Miles Morales and spider-gwen in their productions, even though they didn’t exist when the original deal was closed. And look, they’re going to explore this universe even more, because according to Phil LordSpider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will have almost 250 characters and will take place in 6 universes.

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse opens in theaters on June 2, 2023.

Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K. Thompson are confirmed as directors.

In it, Miles Morales returns for the next chapter in the Oscar-winning saga, in an epic adventure that will transport Spider-Man from Brooklyn across the Multiverse to join forces with Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-Men, who will face off against a villain. more powerful than any they have ever encountered.