SPY x FAMILY reveals midseason finale preview

The anime SPY x FAMILY won the preview of its midseason finale, which takes place in its 12th episode, which airs on June 26th. Watch:

Entitled “Penguin Park“, the midseason finale episode of Spy x Family will accompany the Forger family during a visit to an aquarium.

The anime follows Twilight, a spymaster from Westalis who works tirelessly to prevent extremists from unleashing a war against Ostania. For his latest mission, he must investigate politician Donovan Desmond, infiltrating his son’s school: the prestigious Eden Academy.

Thus, the spy faces the most difficult task of his career: getting married, having a child and family.

Twilight quickly adopts humble orphan Anya to play a six-year-old daughter and a possible student at Eden Academy. As a wife, she meets Yor Briar, an absent-minded office worker who needs a fake partner to impress her friends.

However, Twilight isn’t the only one with a secret life: Yor is actually a deadly assassin, and for her, getting married also creates the perfect cover. Meanwhile, Anya is not the average girl she appears to be. She is an Esper, the product of secret experiments that allow her to read minds.