The Boys | Herogasm Episode Has Inappropriate Content Caution

Before the start of the Herogasm episode of The Boys, you can see a cautionary warning of inappropriate content that prepares fans for what they will see.

Right after the Prime Video logo you can see the disclaimer that says the content seen in the episode did not harm anyone as it is not real and actually cost a large amount of money in visual effects.

“Some scenes may not be suitable for some, in fact most, let’s be honest with all viewers. But rest assured that any consensual relationship portrayed, whether human, animal, superhero or otherwise, is not real, harmed no one, and actually cost a hilarious amount of visual effects.” – Says the warning.

Playback/Prime Video

O herogasm is one of the most famous comic book stories. the boyswhich haunted many actors when it was produced for the TV series.


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the interpreter of Soldier BoyJensen Ackles, revealed to the Entertainment Weekly including that he refused to record some scenes in the episode.

“As a father of three children, son, husband and self-respecting human; I can not do this. I didn’t know what my limit was, but you found it.” – Said ackles for the producer Eric Kripke.

the boys is available on Prime Video.

Based on the comic books of the same name, the series is the creation of Eric Kripke and follows a CIA superintendent who closely monitors a community of superheroes as their celebrity status has corrupted them and caused them to engage in behavior. reckless acts that compromise the world. Some of the characters are parodies of members of the Justice League.