The Boys | Seth Rogen Reveals details of his participation

Seth Rogen (Slightly Pregnant) finally had a cameo by The Boys, and in a very… peculiar way, how could it be otherwise.

The actor plays an alternate version of himself, who stars in films alongside Black Noir, and his internet alias is SirCumsAlot779.

In season three, Rogen appears in an adult video conference with the Scarlet Countess (Laurie Holden), ex-girlfriend of Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), but is frustrated after Billy Brute (Karl Urban) arrives to interrogate her.

“Just to clarify, in The Boys cinematic universe, Seth Rogen is an actor who stars in Black Noir films, and he also goes by the pseudonym SirCumsAlot779.”


The series has already been officially renewed for a fourth season, while plans for other spinoffs continue to be discussed.

‎”There is absolutely the possibility. We thought there was a dual opportunity with ‎‎Diabolical.‎‎ One was to get fans excited, but we also wanted to see if there was another way for the franchise to go beyond the main series. We realize that there is real engagement.”

Said Vernon Sandersglobal head of television at Amazon Studios a few days ago.

the boys are available on Prime Video.

Based on the comic books of the same name, the series is the creation of Eric Kripke and follows a CIA superintendent who closely monitors a community of superheroes as their celebrity status has corrupted them and caused them to engage in the behavior. reckless acts that compromise the world. Some of the characters are parodies of members of the Justice League.