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How to use Cheats and Console commands In Valheim

    In the Valheim game, players can use cheats codes and console commands to make the game different than the Original. This makes the player’s experience easier, more difficult,  in some cases, even more interesting. So, here we decided to make this post that will teach you how to use Valheim console cheats and commands!

    How to use cheats and console commands in Valheim

    To use Cheats in Valheim in Quite Easy. That’s because all you have to do is press ESC + F5 to open the game console window, where you can enter some codes. After entering the code you want, just press Enter to activate it.

    So, now that this is clear, check out a list of codes (cheats) that can be used on the Valheim console:

    • ffsmooth – Smoothness in free flight mode.
    • freefly – Photo mode with free movement (flying).
    • raiseskill [habilidade] [quantidade] – Increases the level of an ability.
    • resetcharacter – Clears a character’s information.
    • event [nome] – Starts an event.
    • god – Activate God mode.
    • stopevent – End the current event.
    • Save – Force the world to save whenever you want.
    • Players [número] – Change the difficulty scale (0 = Reset).
    • go to [x, z] – Teleports you wherever you want.
    • exploremap – Explore the entire map.
    • dpsdebug – Activates “DPS Debug Printing”.
    • resetwind – Restart the wind.
    • tame – Dominate all domesticable creatures nearby.
    • pos – Shows the player’s current position.
    • resetmap – Restart the map exploration.
    • removerops – Eliminate nearby enemies.
    • Location – Allows you to locate the apparition site.
    • killall – Kill nearby enemies.

    imacheater allows you to use more commands. In addition, the command help shows a list of all console commands that can be used in Valheim as cheats.


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