When will the 3 seasons of Manifest arrive on Netflix?

In an official statement, Netflix confirms that the three seasons of Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828 will be released on July 15th.

  • Manifest: Season 1 (7/15/2022)

A plane mysteriously lands five years after takeoff, leaving passengers to experience the strangeness of returning to a world that went on without them.

  • Manifest: Season 2 (7/15/2022)

Haunted by disturbing visions, the Stone family seeks out other passengers on Flight 828 and tries to change their fate.

  • Manifest: Season 3 (7/15/2022)

Amid revelations and overwhelming events, other passengers begin to hear the calls.

The series had been canceled in NBCbut after an intense fan campaign, it ended up being rescued by the platform, which ordered the 4th and final season with twenty new episodes.

For now, we only know that the writing team will have both old acquaintances from the series and newcomers, and all will be led by Jeff Rake.


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Manifest: The Mystery of Flight 828 is Rake’s creation, and the idea was to conclude the narrative with six seasons.

In the plot, several people end up united by an unusual factor. When boarding a flight from Jamaica to New York, passengers have their lives changed.

That’s because what looked like just turbulence took the plane off the radar without a trace.

Five years later, the plane reappears and lands, as if nothing had happened. Although time did not pass for the passengers, among their family and friends, there was only one certainty: the plane had crashed and killed the passengers.